TTGV Awards

TTGV Awards are given in topics parallel with TTGV’s corporate priorities and objectives, and aims at encouraging works in related subjects.

The first award organization, Dr. Akın Çakmakcı Thesis and Dissertation Awards, took place in 2002 and aimed at encouraging and announcing the successful works in areas parallel with TTGV’s corporate priorities and objectives. Dr. Akın Çakmakcı Thesis and Dissertation Awards has continued in years 2008, 2010, 2012 and lastly in 2015. In this process, different evaluation criteria and different amounts of awards are applied for the same category of awards in different years. Dr. Akın Çakmakcı Thesis and Dissertation Awards aims at strengthening university-industry collaboration and commercialization of R&D activities in universities by choosing the theses/dissertations that are applied in industry.

In 2015, Dr. T. Fikret Yücel Awards took place as a second award programme. Dr. T. Fikret Yücel Awards aims at encouraging the quantitative and qualitative improvements in R&D and technological innovation outputs of private sector. And also supporting the intellectual activities regarding Turkey in this field.

2018 TTGV Awards ceremony is foreseen to take place in December 2018.

Award Categories

There are 2 categories under 2018 TTGV Awards:

Dr. Akın Çakmakcı Award Category: Theses/dissertations that are applied in industry are awarded. This award category aims at supporting university-industry collaboration and encouraging the commercialization of R&D activities in universities. Thesis/dissertation owners, thesis/dissertation advisors and the firms that implement the thesis/dissertation are awarded.

Refik Üreyen Award Category: People with success stories in culture creation processes with R&D and innovation management are awarded.       


Applications for 2018 TTGV Awards will be accepted via nomination. Nomination forms will be sent to technology development zones management companies, to R&D and design centres, and to companies and institutions that are active in relevant fields. Filled nomination forms should be delivered to TTGV for an application to be accepted.

 *Applicants can apply to only 1 category during the same award period.

You can find more information about theTTGV Awards here.