2018 TTGV Awards

2018 TTGV Awards ceremony is foreseen to take place in December 2018.

Award Categories

There are 2 categories under 2018 TTGV Awards:

Dr. Akın Çakmakcı Award Category: Theses/dissertations that are applied in industry are awarded. This award category aims at supporting university-industry collaboration and encouraging the commercialization of R&D activities in universities. Thesis/dissertation owners, thesis/dissertation advisors and the firms that implement the thesis/dissertation are awarded.

Refik Üreyen Award Category: People with success stories in culture creation processes with R&D and innovation management are awarded.       


Applications for 2018 TTGV Awards will be accepted via nomination. Nomination forms will be sent to technology development zones management companies, to R&D and design centres, and to companies and institutions that are active in relevant fields. Filled nomination forms should be delivered to TTGV for an application to be accepted.

 *Applicants can apply to only 1 category during the same award period.

You can find more information about theTTGV Awards here.