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Industrial Symbiosis and Eco-Efficiency

Antalya Industrial Symbiosis Project

In order to ensure the efficient use of resources by industrial/non-industrial companies located in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone and its vicinity and to safeguard the sustainability of regional development, an “Industrial Symbiosis and Eco-efficiency Project” has been launched pursuant to the cooperation protocol signed between the Directorate of Antalya Organized Industrial Zone and Technology Development Foundation of Turkey (TTGV).

Industrial symbiosis implies the creation of long-term partnerships between two or more businesses, which are preferably physically close and normally operating independently from each other, and to work in solidarity to improve environmental performance as well as competitiveness. Industrial symbiosis practices particularly involve areas of opportunity where industry is concentrated and where these practices may be applied more effectively by businesses organized under a certain management such as organized industrial zones (OIZs) or industrial zones. Such business communities or industrial zones which implement industrial symbiosis practices and adopt a shared vision of sustainability are, in turn, called “eco-industrial park” (EIP) or “eco-park” There are numerous and a wide variety of industrial symbiosis and EIP examples throughout the world, particularly in countries such as Britain, Denmark and South Korea. While EIPs can be designed as such at their onset, currently available zones may also be transformed into EIPs.

The industrial symbiosis project conducted at Antalya Organized Industrial Zone, which was founded in 1976 and currently hosting more than 200 industrial plants, aims to develop the understanding of partnership among the companies. Owing to the resulting cooperative network, it will be possible to share or use all sorts of logistic and specialty resources, including the physical exchange of energy, water and/or by-products, in common. On the other hand, another approach which should be integrated with industrial symbiosis practices and which is key to sustainable manufacturing is eco-efficiency (clean production). Eco-efficiency means ensuring the efficient use of raw materials and resources such as water, energy etc. and minimizing the waste within the boundaries of an enterprise, and thus, achieving both economic and environmental gains. Within the scope of this project, it is also aimed to extend the eco-efficiency perception among businesses at Antalya OIZ. Thereby, due to the measures to be taken within each business and the cooperations to be established with sectors and businesses inside and outside Antalya OIZ, a more sustainable and innovative approach to resource utilization, and competitive advantage will be assured.

The project to be carried out jointly by Antalya OIZ and TTGV will include activities intended for raising awareness concerning the extension of industrial symbiosis and eco-efficiency (clean production) practices, specifying the current potential and the strategy through sectoral analyses, performing feasibility studies, executing communication activities, and building the infrastructure required for the sustainability and extension of industrial symbiosis practices.

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