Xnovate is a TTGV program, the purpose of which is to support innovation processes that can create competitiveness by disseminating best practices in the areas of technology, product management and innovation, and training related human resources.

Xnovate Program aims at providing support to individuals/teams and companies that innovate by promoting the use of methods based on the latest applications and researches, beyond the use of  traditional applications in innovation. The program provides the necessary mediums and tools to innovators for the communication and implementation of new ideas and methods as part of a learning and developing community.

Xnovate Innovation Leaders Fellowship Program and the Xnovate Innovation Network is the two main focuses of the program.


Xnovate Innovation Leaders Fellowship Program aims at creating innovation leaders who can ensure transformation in the field of technology, product management and innovation. This program offers young leaders, aged below 35, with the opportunity for deeper understanding and professional development in innovation, reflecting upon the current challenges in the field, and assisting them in research, finding creative solutions to problems and turning these solutions into actions.

The program is intended for creating competencies at three levels – Leadership, Tools and Network – allowing innovation professionals to reach their innovation goals, to assert influence on a larger scale and to contribute to the ecosystem.


As the most significant component of Xnovate program, Xnovate Innovation Network aims at creating and maintaining an ‘Innovation Implementation Community’ network that addresses issues in the fields of technology, product management and innovation, while learning and developing solutions together.

The Xnovate Innovation Network brings together professionals from the academia and business world who work in the field around a common objective and an active sharing principle, and aims at developing and providing creative environments in which new   practices can be presented, communicated and implemented. You can find more information about the program  here.


Dr. Muhsin Doğan
Setenay Akdeniz