The Explore Investment Program is a capital investment program conducted to expedite the penetration of the technology firms, which already possess a technological product in the field that meets the priorities of TTGV and already have sales of this product, into the new international market(s). The program is being conducted in company with the professionals (Venture Partner) that will work together with TTGV, who have sufficient experience and network information about internationalization in the related foreign markets. Within this scope, pursuant to the needs evaluated by the Program management, after the determination of the appropriate ‘’Venture Partners’’, candidates that are evaluated as favorable are added to the ‘’Venture Partner’’ pool.   

It is expected from the Venture Partner, which is added to the pool in the first step of the program, to present the company proposal related to the integration into the Explore Program and to present the internationalization projects of these companies to TTGV. In the event of an approval of the proposal by TTGV, capital investment amounting up to 250 Thousand US Dollars is made to the related company to be used in the internationalization activities in exchange for issuance of shares. In addition to the initial capital investment, in case the companies that are accepted to the Program receive foreign investment from a professional investor within a certain period after the initial investment date, TTGV has the option of participating in the related investment up to 2 Million US Dollars. 

The implementation phase of the internationalization program, which will be started after the relevant investment period, includes the execution of the international business development process recommended by the related Venture Partner during the application process, monitoring the activities that are carried out and reporting them. It is aimed for the company within the scope of the program to obtain a sales performance in the targeted market during the 2 years of implementation period and to perpetuate the related sales performance in the following years. Depending on the sales growth performance in the related market, the Venture Partner is qualified a hybrid performance premium by TTGV.


Merve Yaşaroğlu
Elif Can İnalkoç Gedikli
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